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Dominion Worship and Arts Conference

November 2024

DO·MIN·ION | \ də-ˈmi-nyən:




The Dominion Worship and Arts Conference (Dominion), founded by Apostle Sherry Traylor and hosted by Psalms Dance & Creative Arts Network, Inc. (Psalms), is an annual conference intended to spiritually and technically develop and empower ministry leaders, dance teams, and artists who are active in worship arts ministries. For the last 18 years, Psalms has hosted Dominion in several locations such as Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, Freeport, Bahamas, Brazil, San Diego, California, and Culver City, California. The conference has grown to over 600 delegates worldwide. Delegates have traveled from Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Mississippi, Colorado, Texas, Georgia, Bahamas,  Bermuda, California, Canada, Florida, Brazil, New York, and more.

Over the course of two days, delegates learn techniques that will enhance their gifts, edify their ministries, and are provided opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned during evening services.

During this conference, we curate workshops, classes, and general sessions to build up and develop the dancer, worship arts leader, and those called to the five-fold ministry. Our classes are led by knowledgeable and spiritual leaders, recording artists, and business professionals to help you reach the next level in your ministry.

Dominion Certificate Program Graduation

The Dominion Certificate Program is designed to educate and develop a community of people by providing courses that are designed to help grow them spiritually, personally, and professionally. 


During the conference, students who have completed the certificate course will participate in a graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments. 

Worship Encounter & Dance Concert

Encounter: \ in-ˈkau̇n-tər

To come upon or experience especially unexpectedly

During the Worship Encounter and Dance Concert, attendees experience an unexpected move of God through demonstrations.


Dancers and singers minister through spirit-led songs and choreography. Lives are changed and prophets go forth by declaring the Word of the Lord.

Nightly services are free and open to the public. 

Community Outreach

We go as the Great Commission has commanded believers to do. We outreach to the community by honoring our Veterans and by hosting food and back-to-school giveaways. We take dominion in communities by commencing our outreach initiatives with a community march from a local park to the conference venue. Everyone is invited to participate. Don't forget your flags, streamers, shofar, and beautiful garments!

Partner with Us

Visit our conference website to learn more about the Dominion Worship Arts Conference

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