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Programs are curated to achieve our mission and vision to transform communities through the arts. To transform communities, we build communities and develop ministers of movement, ministers, creative ministers and evangelists to enhance their skills and knowledge in the arts.

Membership Program

The Psalms Dance Network (PDN) Membership is a membership community for ministers of movement and worship and arts leaders. Our purpose is to network with leaders, directors, churches, and community organizations to provide a creative outlet for creative arts in the community.

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Dominion Certificate Program

This Certificate Course Program is designed to build up worshipers and ministry leaders by educating, developing, and sending out leaders for personal, spiritual, and ministry growth.

Missions Through Movement 

Our network is passionate about sharing the gospel and serving others. We use creative arts in domestic and international missions to inspire, encourage, and uplift those we encounter. Our team's dedication to service and artistic skills allow us to reach people uniquely and powerfully. We believe that through creative arts, we can make a positive impact on the world.

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